Welcome To NEED Uganda


N.E.E.D. (Neighbours Enabling Evangelism and Development) is an Interdenominational Christian Organisation which seeks to realise the ‘God and Neighbour’ dimension of Jesus’ great commandment. N.E.E.D. exists to promote the spiritual and physical wellbeing of individuals and families, resulting in the positive transformation of communities. The family is the main target for practical support. This is offered as an investment, a seed that will help a family begin the process of generating a self-sustaining livelihood.  N.E.E.D. provides families with life-skills training in home and financial management as well as supplying direct loans and gifts of livestock such as cows, pigs, chickens and goats. Responding in this practical way is part of N.E.E.D.’s spiritual witness. Evangelistic events such as open–air Gospel crusades and church missions are also organized by N.E.E.D. with the desire to connect people with God in Jesus Christ.

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